A3: Alien Adoption Agency™
A fashionable alien tailor getting awfully close to the groin while measuring the inner leg of another worried looking alien.

Once you get your alien, head over to Stan's to get measured up for some stylish designer clothes! Nevermind that all the aliens are the same size. Who are we to question his genius?

A classroom of students all avoiding schoolwork. One paints her nails, another drools while sleeping, one crafts a paper plane, one draws on the desk, and another draws on paper.

What better way to start your alien off on the road to success than by sending them to school. The local university offers a healthy variety of both boring and impractical classes. And believe it or not, the fun doesn't end here!

An orange alien screams while trying to pick himself up off the ground while being chased by white rabbit-like creatures with fierce red eyes. The closest of these creatures has blood and flesh in its mouth.

Mining is just one of the many glamorous vocations your alien can master. Periodic cave-ins, poisonous cave dust and endless wandering in desolate blackness are just some of the occupational perks. Oh. And did we mention the deadly troglodytic bunny-type creatures?

An alien looking for herbs worriedly stumbles upon a male and female alien caught laying next to each other (both fully clothed).

The lush verdure of the city gardens downtown provides the premium location to go foraging. Or, if you don't happen to be dating another alien, its a great place to pick herbs.

An alien looks at a map instead of his spaceship while near a floating chuck of matter with a four-way street sign on it all pointing in different directions.

Aliens in spaceships. Makes sense right? That's why, instead of exploring the rest of their planet, the aliens of Sol Prime have opted to implement an intensive space program to explore their little corner of the universe.

Two aliens on asphalt each holding pistols slapping their free hands at one another while avoiding eye contact.

And what kind of "adopt-your-own-creature" browser based game would we be if we didn't include the hideous brutality of unprovoked aggression towards some random passerby.

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